Monday, February 16, 2009

The Debts of the Lenders: Dubai Property Prices Slide 40-50% LAST MONTH

Well, I wrote about Dubai last December. Let's see how the situation is now.

Dubai Update:

Like Silicon Valley on steroids, apparently, with real estate prices now down between 40 and 50 percent over just the last month...And no, the worst has yet to come.

For the social ramifications please see my older post.

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dubai property said...

There is a crash in prices to considerable amount.Recession is deeping day by day.I thin US govt action will helps to save the price crash and improve employment.

In Debt We Trust said...

I answer your question in the above post about CMBS spreads.

Dubai Property said...

Gee it looks that in some countries the meltdown effects are really beginning to wipe of the entire construction industry.

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