Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Debts of the Spenders: Upcoming Legal Compliance Calendar Events

Information is power. And the most recent information is necessary to survive in this day and age.

These events are geared for attorneys. But even non-JD's can benefit (you will have to pay more of course).

Indeed, if you are a trader then you are probably a more committed stakeholder than those who are there only to grab the obligatory CLE (continuing legal education) credits. Those attendees have a habit of showing up 2 times - once to sign their names at the beginning of the course and at the conclusion to receive their certificates. It can actually be shocking to see the levels of non-chalance and sleepiness among some of the legal attendees - these are the same people billing your company $800/hour for securities compliance!



The last event I attended was very educational - it was a preview of the new CDS compliance rules and proposed regulatory structure(s). Since I am not a CDS trader my analysis tends to revert back to legal arcana.

*Disclosure - I have no current affiliation w/the NYC bar but I have been a member in the past.


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