Monday, November 9, 2009

The Debts of the Lenders: Caijing Editor Resigns Under Pressure

For those who don't know, Caijing has been the leading independent news agency in China. Under the stewardship of their editor, Hu Shuli, Caijing reporters have repeatedly pushed the line about what are (un)acceptable topics to cover. Media in China is generally censored although the authorities have experimented in recent months w/a newfound sense of liberalism.

Most of these "ok" topics have been about criticism of the USA and Europe's poor handling of the economic crisis. Almost no coverage has been devoted to internal problems such as the restive Xinjiang province and Tibet.

Caijing reporters pushed the limits w/the release of generally negative stories on the economy, naming such issues as unemployment, bubble buildups, poor health care networks, and shady real estate practices. Such action have displeased the Party elders and provoked a backlash among the authorities. Apparently one of the latest casualties is that of Ms. Hu's resignation.
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