Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Debts of the World: Panama Canal to Replace Long Beach?

Interesting. Long Beach, California is THE entry point into the US for the majority of imported goods - particularly those from China and Japan. However, merchants have long been frustrated by the eternally squabbling Longshoremen's Union that represents dock workers. A little secret - these tradesmen already have some of the highest paid, blue collar jobs in the country (well over 6 figures) but they still want more!

Instead, recent developments in the Colon Free Trade Zone in Panama have re-opened the possibility of an alternate channel into the continental US that links the Far East w/burgeoning ports in Miami and along the Louisiana/Texas coastline.

Moreover, an improved channel spells faster turn around time for the most dynamic trade of all - the Latin America/China trade route that sends raw materials and food supplies to the factory cities and workers lining the East China sea.
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