Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Debts of the Spenders: Daniel Hannan Blasts UK Prime Minister

The hits keep on piling on the UK. Just days after the "market commentators" (permabulls cheerleading the establishment), British bond vigilantes delivered a sharp kick to the UK gilt market in its first ever bond failure [Edit: in several years].

Daniel Hanna, a MEP from the opposition Conservative party, delivered a scathing address to Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister.

"The truth Prime Minister is that you have run out of our money! . . . Every British child is born 20k pounds in debt."

3 cheers for Daniel Hanna - the Ron Paul of the UK.


toronto real estate said...

"Yeah! Cheers from me too! We need some Daniel here in Canada also. I found more of his videos on youtube and it's absolutely amazing how much he doesnt care how many enemies he'll create by, isn't it?

I wish there was more Daniels out there.

Take care, Julie

In Debt We Trust said...

Julie, thanks for the reply.

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