Monday, May 25, 2009

The Debts of the Spenders: Coming Soon - CDS Case Law Coverage

After perusing the blogosphere, I am shocked that there is a real dearth of information about legal developments in the case law of CDS trading. Many legal practitioners are not even aware of how rapidly securitization is being remade in the courts. What information is available is scant and remains locked w/in the byzantine archives of Westlaw and Lexisnexis (the main legal search engines that are the equivalent of Bloomberg terminals).

W/that in mind, I am going to fire up the legal search engines and embark on a project to start cateloguing relevant cases in securitization. Cases will be displayed in good, old fashioned IRAC format (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion). Contrary to popular opinion, legal writing is supposed to be concise and relevant. IRAC is a tool taught to 1L's (first year law students) to prepare them for eventual practice. Now, I do not claim to be the world's best legal writer - in fact my writing standards have taken a decidely casual tone - but will endeavor to give a good, old college try.

*This project is meant to be a casual review and is NOT intended to provide legal advice.
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