Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Debts of the Lenders: Chinese Universities Faking Job Contracts For Recent Grads

Article by way of mpettis - scroll to bottom to see link

Well this is one way of ensuring that everyone has a job upon graduation - simply make them up!

Truly disturbing if this is true. It says the Chinese bubble is precariously close to bursting.

But please keep in mind that the VERY HEAVY hand of the state is omnipresent in China. If anything, employment is probably growing in the state security services to quell dissenters.

As an aside, I am curious as to why the authorities have allowed a story like this to be published. The censors must have missed it. Don't be surprised if the link isn't working in a few days.

A Shaanxi graduate said his university gave him a bogus work contract to inflate its post-study employment figures.

The former student said the contract was for a job at a local company which did not exist and carried the signature of his tutor.

"I had no idea that I already had a job," the student, who had been hunting for work, wrote anonymously on a website.

In order to ensure a high employment rate and deliver a satisfactory work report during the global financial crisis, some Chinese universities have been faking work contracts or employment agreement for graduates, Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

"Faking employment rates is not an isolated case and it has existed for years in China," an education expert, who wanted to remain anonymous, told China Daily.

Due to fierce competition among universities, especially secondary-tier ones, the performance and reputation of a school largely depends on its employment rate after graduation, he said.

According to unwritten rules at many universities, students cannot graduate if they do not find a job, the report said.

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