Friday, July 24, 2009

The Debts of the World: Another Way of Looking at the Generation Gap

From time immemorial grumpy seniors have chastised rambunctious youngsters. This ageless struggle is being raised to new heights in the current economic downturn as recent graduates compete w/hardened veterans of several decades. Instead of raising the bar w/more stereotypical rhetoric, let's focus on different metrics.

Penelope Trunk cleverly suggests a new way to determine what generation you are based upon technology use. After looking at the test, I believe most readers will come to the conclusion that they are at least Gen X and above. . . . thus coming to the realization that age is really just a number. And all that other sound and fury hath signify naught but an idiot speaking. :

So here is a test I put together with the help of an interview with Weigel and an evening reading her blog. Add up your points to figure out what generation you're really a part of:

Do you have your own web page? (1 point)

Have you made a web page for someone else? (2 points)

Do you IM your friends? (1 point)

Do you text your friends? (2 points)

Do you watch videos on YouTube? (1 point)

Do you remix video files from the Internet? (2 points)

Have you paid for and downloaded music from the Internet? (1 point)

Do you know where to download free (illegal) music from the Internet? (2 points)

Do you blog for professional reasons? (1 point)

Do you blog as a way to keep an online diary? (2 points)

Have you visited MySpace at least five times? (1 point)

Do you communicate with friends on Facebook? (2 points)

Do you use email to communicate with your parents? (1 point)

Did you text to communicate with your parents? (2 points)

Do you take photos with your phone? (1 point)

Do you share your photos from your phone with your friends? (2 points)

0-1 point –Boomer

2-6 points –Generation Jones

6- 12 points –Generation X

12 or over –Generation Y


*Disclosure I am Gen Y
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