Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Debts of the Spenders: Largest Rally Against Obama Leaves Establishment Stunned

NOTE: I strive to be apolitical. I have discovered that the best course of action is to often stay neutral in order to avoid granting a perception of bias towards one side or another. Of course, I am not always successful and have in the past showed my leanings. In presenting this latest news here, I am merely making an observation.

Tens of thousands rallied against Obama this weekend in a move that left many politicians and political observers stunned.

This is not a left wing-vs-right wing debate either - the discontent is manifest in everything from health care to unemployment to higher taxes, hostility towards bankers, and of course . . . dollar destruction.

Courageous speakers like Ron Paul and former GAO Comptroller David Walker have been banging their gavels on fiscal indebtedness for decades now. Only now has the public begun to listen.

Another noteworthy pt - this is no longer the typical reporting of anonymous internet bloggers (which have also proven to be timely sources if a bit rusticly partisan in their presentation) but has now hit the mainstream.

None other than the venerable New York Times has covered the issue. Of course, longtime readers of the blogosphere have been well aware of these problems for quite some time already. But for the mainstream to address it. . . . well, that indicates that certain issues are picking up pace.
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