Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Debts of the Spenders: Liv-Ex Fine Wine Index and Economic Recovery

Since Fashion Week recently came here to New York City, I decided to cover the economic "recovery" from a different angle. Along w/haute couture, wine sales are considered to be a very visible measure of conspicous consumption.

The Liv-Ex 100 fine wine index measures the snob appeal and is also a great way to watch the development of bubbles form.
As you can see, prices peaked right around the bubble months of $147/oil and has yet to recover. If we are truly in a recovery phase, then haven't wine prices appreciated more?

Also note that 92% of the index is composed of Bourdeauxes (red and white), so keeping abreast of news filters on these vintages might be worth doing. It's not exactly scientific or even tradable, but the Liv-ex index is another tool to keep watch of macro developments.

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